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iPhone & iPod Spotify app updated

iPhone & iPod Spotify app updated

The Spotify music streaming app for the iPhone and iPod has been given an overhaul, bringing with it a suite of new features.

Available to download now, version 0.4.13 offers users the chance to sync tracks to their iKit while the app is running in the background.

Also new is a play queue function that plays tracks you’ve queued up as soon as the song currently playing fades out.

And you’ll now be able to swipe left to right on a song and bring up a menu, too. This will present you with a number of options, such as add the track to the play queue, share the track with friends, add it to a playlist or bring up the album and artist details.

spotify swipe

Finally, Spotify has also re-enabled sharing tracks and albums to Facebook – a feature that glitches had put paid to.

News of the update comes after one-time music industry scourges Napster this week launched a streaming service for iPhone and Android, using the same monthly subscripton model as Spotify.

Like the Spofity app, the Napster service also features the option to save and put together playlists to soundtrack your life when you’re offline.

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