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Capcom’s Monster Hunter coming to iPhone in June

Capcom’s Monster Hunter coming to iPhone in June

Capcom has announced it will be bringing the huge-selling Monster Hunter franchise to the iPhone for the first time next month.

The Japanese video game publisher will be releasing a new spinoff of the hack n’ slash phenomenon - Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting - in June, giving iFans a much-needed break from flinging incensed birds at evil pigs and a chance to take on take on giant monsters, mano-a-mano.


Monster Hunter, in case you didn’t know, is all the rage in the Land of the Rising Sun. The most recent portable iteration of the series, Monster Hunter Freedom 3 for the PSP, shipped four million copies in its first month alone.

Like its PSP counterpart, Dynamic Hunting, puts players in third-person perspective. Controls are kept to a minimum using simple gestures such as swiping in the direction you want to move, tapping to attack and tapping with two fingers to evade attacks.

Unfortunately, that seems to be all there is to it right now. There’s no sign of a free-roaming world or even local co-operative multiplayer, which are the chief factors for the game’s incredible success in Japan.

Still, it’s better than nothing. With any luck, if it makes enough money it might even encourage Capcom to release a fully-fledged title down the line.

Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting will be available on the App Store in June worldwide.

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