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NFC-capable Samsung Galaxy S 2 coming in June?

NFC-capable Samsung Galaxy S 2 coming in June?

Samsung has confirmed that a new version of its recently launched dual core smartie, the Galaxy S 2, will be released in June with NFC capabilities onboard.

After conspicuously leaving out the feature from an otherwise supreme spec sheet, Big Sam has seen the error of its ways and is planning to release another variant this year, possibly as early as next month, to address the concerns of nitpicking tech heads.

A Samsung online rep told Mobot that the “‘NFC’ version of the Galaxy S II should be available in the UK by June 2011".

This is of course not the first time that Sammy has decided to update the hardware capabilities of Galaxy S successor since it was first unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. Originally, the S 2 was meant to ship with a 1GHz dual core processor but following a delay in its launch, Sammy decided to pack in an even faster 1.2GHz chip.

That said, it might be a too early for a new model considering the handset only came out earlier this month. In any case, we can definitely expect it to land before the end of the year.

TechRadar was told by Samsung’s UK wing: "Samsung Mobile UK can confirm an NFC version of the Galaxy S II will be launch later this year, to support the roll out of our network partners' NFC services."

NFC - short for Near Field Communications - in case you have no idea what it is, is a new kind of wireless technology that enables contactless payments much like the Oyster card and is all the rage right now with several major mobile makers throwing in their weight behind it.

The feature is expected to take off in a major way when millions of tourists land in the capital for the Olympics, strapped with high-end smarties that may be used for paying for tickets, travel and other low-key items.


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