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  5. Samsung Galaxy S 2 knocks iPhone 4 off its perch

Samsung Galaxy S 2 knocks iPhone 4 off its perch

Samsung Galaxy S 2 knocks iPhone 4 off its perch

Apple may have taken Samsung to court for allegedly ripping off its iPhone but punters don’t seem to mind as the Galaxy S 2 takes the iPhone 4 to the cleaners in UK sales.

Released earlier this month, the hotly awaited successor to ten million-selling Galaxy S took pole position in uSwitch’s best-sellers chart as it raced past Apple’s iPhone 4 and even its Android peers from the House of HTC.

Ernest Doku of uSwitch, said: “Samsung has leapfrogged Apple and HTC's best handsets this month with its Galaxy S 2 deservedly stealing a march.

“With a number of great deals being offered by networks and retailers, this powerful and slick Android smartphone could be around and dominating the chart for a while.”

Although Samsung came first, HTC still managed to grab more spots in the best-sellers list than any other manufacturer.

"HTC and Android are still big winners this month, with HTC claiming half of the Top 10 handsets and Android now powering 80 per cent of the chart”, Doku added.

It’s worth noting, however, that the sales may not reflect a sea change in the dynamic of the market. After all, the Galaxy S 2 has only just come out whereas the iPhone 4 is a year old.

Still, the success of the Galaxy S proves it’s very much possible for Android smarties to have long legs in the charts and with rumours of the iPhone 5 being delayed until September or November, the ball is in Sammy’s court to press its advantage.



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