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Android apps support for Nokia N9?

Android apps support for Nokia N9?

Nokia’s new N9 smartphone could run Android apps in future, reports suggest, in a development that promises to massively swell the handset’s appeal to the mass market.

Check out Android apps running on the N9 in the clip below

The N9 is powered by Nokia’s Meego operating system. Perhaps unusually for a recent Nokia OS, the platform has received a highly favourable response from tech watchers since it was officially unveiled along with the handset this week.

However, as it stands Meego’s Achilles heel could be a lack of support from app developers, who are unlikely to enticed from working on the more profitable Android and iOS platforms any time soon.

But that might be partially ameliorated by the news that the N9 could be running Andorid apps by the end of the year, according to a report from Slashgear.

The development is down to Myriad which has developed a means of running unmodified Android apps on Meego kit. Better still is that one of the devs behind the Alien Dalvik system claims they’ll run as seamlessly “as the join between the N9′s display and the polycarbonate housing”, the Slash Gear team reports.

Myriad plans to get Alien Dalvik to market later this year, meaning it’s likely to land within weeks of the N9’s mooted launch date of September.



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