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iOS 5 voice commands to land in autumn?

iOS 5 voice commands to land in autumn?

Apple could still incorporate Siri voice command tech into iOS 5, despite its absence from the new iteration of the operating system unveiled this week.

Siri’s slick voice technology, which Apple acquired last year in a buyout, was widely expected to be one of the key enhancements that iOS 5 would bring to the platform.

Rumours that this was the case stemmed in part from emails sent by the PR team that represents SRI – the company that developed Siri’s tech that is currently used for a concierge app that enables users to make bookings with voice commands.

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However, to the surprise of many there was nary a sign of Siri at the WWDC. But it’s since emerged on that its absence could be down to the fact that it wasn’t ready on time.

Furthermore, Apple is now working away to get it ready for the launch of iOS 5 to common or garden folks in the autumn, it’s posited.

This would naturally have the added bonus of giving Cupertino something new to announce and generate more column inches for its platform.

For a full breakdown of what iOS 5 did include, check our top ten list of its key features.


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