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  5. iPhone 5 to pack Sony 8 MP snapper?

iPhone 5 to pack Sony 8 MP snapper?

iPhone 5 to pack Sony 8 MP snapper?

Sony could be supplying camera components for the iPhone 5’s mooted eight-megapixel snapper, rumours suggest.

According to a report from DigiTimes, Apple is opting to spread manufacturing of the image sensors for the camera between long-term partner OmniVision and Sony.

Sony will reportedly account for ten per cent of the sensors, with OmniVision making up the rest.

An eight-megapixel camera would represent a real step up for snappers on iPhones. The iPhone 4 shipped with a five-megapixel number that looks fairly last-gen next to the likes of the 12-megapixel cameras on Nokia and Sony Ericsson flagship phones.

iPhone 5 placeholder

With no sign of the iPhone 5 at this week’s WWDC event, Apple is now expected to unveil its next smartphone contender in September – the date usually reserved for iPod refreshes.

iOS 5, the software that powers the phone or it’s 'soul’ as Steve Jobs would have it, did however make it to the show. For a full breakdown of what it offers, check out our top ten list of the features incoming with the update.



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