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  5. Microsoft ‘flattered’ by iOS copying its Windows Phone 7

Microsoft ‘flattered’ by iOS copying its Windows Phone 7

Microsoft ‘flattered’ by iOS copying its Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has said that it is ‘feeling flattered’ rather than annoyed by Apple allegedly copying features from Windows Phone 7 for the upcoming iOS 5 update.

Apple, which recently unveiled a wide array of features coming in the impending fifth major edition of its iOS operating system, has been criticised in some tech circles for implementing functionality that is already present on other platforms, including Android and Windows Phone 7.

Although Google, which probably has more reason to be miffed by the new additions, most notably a pull-down notifications area which Android has had since time immemorial, it has yet to speak out on how it feels about Cupertino taking cues from its OS.

However, Microsoft has wasted no time in scoring a few brownie points over ideas iOS has supposedly taken from Windows Phone 7, saying that it is taking Apple's borrowings as a compliment.

Joe Belfiore, head of the Windows Phone 7 team, tweeted: “Feeling flattered today. Lots of great WP ideas headed to iOS. (Camera button/above lock, auto-upoad of pics, better notifications …

“Wi-fi sync, built-in twitter, background download service, short-messaging chats (though we do Facebook!”

Microsoft does deserve some credit for taking Windows Phone 7 in a new direction. It is probably most dissimilar in terms of its design when compared to its more established rivals and, despite being late to the party, has at least got us excited about the upcoming Mango update.

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