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  5. Motorola softens criticism of Android apps

Motorola softens criticism of Android apps

Motorola softens criticism of Android apps

Motorola has moved to ameliorate the impact of its recent stinging criticism of Android apps, after the company’s CEO reportedly claimed that they were to blame for a huge proportion of its handsets returned as faulty.

Speaking at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch global tech expo last week, Sanjay Jha was quoted as blaming sub-standard apps for 70 per cent of Android Moto phones returned by users.

The rationale it seems was that owners often assume that apps that fail to work as advertised are faults with the hardware instead. Jha identified Google’s laissez-faire approach to its app store as a key contributory factor.

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However, today a Moto rep has claimed that Jha was misquoted and that in fact he merely named dodgy apps as one of the main reasons why phones are returned.

Becki Leonard, Motorola spokesperson, stated: "He did not state that 70 per cent of smart phone returns was due to third-party applications, but that examples of potential contributing factors are battery life, sluggish operation and third-party applications."

The irony of Jha’s scathing remarks about Google’s platform was not lost on many tech watchers, especially after Moto was effectively rescued from obsolesence by the sales of the Android powered Droid back in 2009.



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