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  5. Nokia started Samsung takeover rumours, says analyst

Nokia started Samsung takeover rumours, says analyst

Nokia started Samsung takeover rumours, says analyst

Rumours that Samsung is eyeing a takeover bid for Nokia are ill-founded and most likely started by the Finns to initiate a bidding war with Microsoft, an influential analyst claims.

Speculation that Samsung sees Nokia as a potential target stem from a Wall Street Journal article, which went so far as to claim that talks between the two parties are already underway.

The conjecture comes amid separate speculation that Nokia is in Microsoft’s sights, too. The possible rationale behind such a move is that it would give Microsoft the scope to bring phones to market that are built by them and running their software, thus giving the software giant much more control over Windows Phone 7-powered handsets.

However, according to Eldar Martazin, who started the Microsoft rumour, Samsung probably has little interest in Nokia. Rather, he posits via Twitter that talk of a Samsung takeover could have originated from within Nokia.

Murtazin Tweeted: “According to wsj samsung go into the game for nokia division. Imho that rumour go out from nokia itself. They try to up price from Microsoft.”

For what it’s worth, Samsung has rubbished reports it has any interest in acquiring its rival. That’s a line also spun by Microsoft which also claims that stories linking it with Espoo are utterly without foundation.

However, Murtazin has been right about a number of seemingly unlikely mobile phone industry developments in the past, so those of you disregarding his remarks may do so at your peril.



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