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  5. ‘Sea Ray’ Nokia’s debut Windows Phone 7 handset revealed

‘Sea Ray’ Nokia’s debut Windows Phone 7 handset revealed

‘Sea Ray’ Nokia’s debut Windows Phone 7 handset revealed

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has made a surprise unveiling of the company’s first handset running Windows Phone 7, dubbed Sea Ray.

Speaking to the press during a recent presentation, Elop urged attendees to not take pictures as he took out the phone out his pocket and placed it on the projector for all to see.

But it seems Elop’s request was somewhat lost in translation, as one Hungarian blogger of continued recording and grabbed a short clip of the handset before it was inevitably cut short.

Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone 7

Dressed in all-black, Sea Ray is a slick, candy bar shaped kit not a million miles in the look department from the MeeGo powered N9 that was also revealed this week.

Judging by the clip, the screen is somewhere in the region of four inches and confirmed to be of Gorilla glass variety. The front, top and bottom of the phone are completely flat, but on the sides and the back it is slightly curved for comfort.

Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone 7 rear

A rear-mounted camera is on board, which we reckon is at least eight-megapixels in resolution, with a Carl Zeiss sensor if we’re lucky, and appears to be accompanied by a dual LED flash.

A dedicated shutter release is also confirmed on the side. However, there’s no telling yet if it will have any front facing buttons, unlike the all-bare N9.

Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone 7 side

That’s all we could gather from ten seconds or so of footage. We’re not particularly wowed by it, but it looks to be a solid bit of kit nonetheless and we’ll reserve judgment until we get a proper look at it.

The good news is that it runs on the upcoming Mango iteration of WP7, which coupled with Microsoft’s strict hardware guidelines, should mean there’s enough processing grunt under the hood for gaming, multimedia and all that good stuff.

Nokia has also just announced that its annual Nokia World expo will take place in London between October 26th and 27th where we can anticipate Sea Ray will be officially launched.

Here’s the video in case you were looking:



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