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  5. Skype to offer free calls on HP webOS

Skype to offer free calls on HP webOS

Skype to offer free calls on HP webOS

HP’s webOS looks set to be the first mobile platform, even before Windows Phone 7, to offer system-level integration of Skype, leaked snaps of the feature suggests.

While iFans are still high-fiving and chest-bumping each other over integration of Twitter in the upcoming refresh of iOS, HP appears to have gone one better and teamed up with Skype – freshly acquired by Microsoft - to offer free VoIP calls and messaging on webOS powered smartphones and not even make a huge fuss about it.

Spy shots (see below) of the feature have been leaked on German site, which shows that Skype has joined the company of at least half a dozen other major social networking and messaging services that can be connected on webOS via what HP calls ‘Synergy’.

Skype webOS integration

Users will be able to login to their Skype accounts directly from the ‘Accounts’ settings, allowing them to ‘Just Type’ the name of a person and be presented with the options to start instant messaging the contact and make a voice call. Or if they feel rather photogenic, they can place a video call – without having to open a single app first.

Better yet, you will even be able to set Skype as the default calls service. That means that if you’re the type of person who only wishes to make free calls, you can do so without having to deal with a separate app.

Sounds great, right? No? Okay then.



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