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Android 2.3 Gingerbread 'landing this month' on HTC Desire

Android 2.3 Gingerbread 'landing this month' on HTC Desire

HTC will be pushing out Android 2.3 to the original Desire (aka Gingerbread) in a matter of days, giving UK owners of the 18-month old smartie the chance to get bang up to speed with the latest version of Google’s OS.

HTC abandoned its original plan to update the handset with the Gingerbread iteration of Android last month, claiming that the Desire had insufficient memory to support it.

However, one Facebook campaign later the phone maker relented and announced will be getting rid of some of the more resource-sapping apps from its Sense custom skin to make room for the newer version of Android.

Today, it seems that we’ve not got much longer to wait to actually get our hands on it, after HTC confirmed a provisional due date for Desire phones bought off-contract via an update on its official Facebook page.

htc desire large

HTC stated: “Hi everyone. We have more news about our build of Gingerbread for Desire.

“Our testing has gone well so we will begin rolling out the update by the end of July! Thank you again for your support!”

Owners who bought their phones on contract deals (and I'm guessing that's most of you) will be twiddling your thumbs a bit longer, alas, while carriers complete network tests.

What’s not yet apparent is which facets of Sense will be retained for the UK upgrade. But in light of news that the update for the Desire for Australian users will see the custom user interface discarded altogether, it seems increasingly likely that it’s a vanilla version of Gingerbread that’s landing in Blighty too.



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