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  5. BlackBerry apps break 1 billion downloads barrier

BlackBerry apps break 1 billion downloads barrier

BlackBerry apps break 1 billion downloads barrier

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has announced its official applications marketplace - BlackBerry App World – has surpassed one billion downloads to date.

Chasing after the likes of Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market, which have racked up some 15 billion and 4.5 billion downloads respectively, RIM’s achievement may seem paltry in comparison. But it's welcome news nonetheless for the smartphone maker.

Alex K, product manager at RIM, confirmed: "BlackBerry App World is now in over 100 countries, seeing an average of 3 million downloads per day, and we recently crossed the 1 billion app download milestone.”

RIM’s struggle in the application market has been one of the biggest reasons behind its rapid decline in market share around the globe, as consumers’ demand for newer functionalities from their smartphones continues to increase beyond those offered at the time of purchase.

However, RIM’s product manager believes that despite the slow progress, there has been significant development with each new refresh of the App World, currently in its third major iteration.

"The BlackBerry App World storefront launched a little over two years ago, and over that time, we've made many feature improvements, enhanced the look and feel, and added a ton of compelling apps.”

Much of the Canadian giant’s troubles stem from the outdated user experience offered by the BlackBerry operating system rather than the size or quality of the App World. As such, any chance it has of making a comeback could very well lie with QNX, the operating system that powers the BlackBerry PlayBook.



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