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  5. GetJar blasts Apple over app store trademark claim

GetJar blasts Apple over app store trademark claim

GetJar blasts Apple over app store trademark claim

GetJar will vigorously resist Apple’s attempt to prevent it from using the term 'app store', the third-party software market has announced, as relations between Cupertino and other tech world players get ever more sour.

Apple is already seeking an injunction against Amazon to prevent it from calling its applications market “appstore”, on the grounds that consumers will confuse it with Cupertino’s offering.

Today, Apple sent a 'cease and desist' letter to GetJar, also seeking to enforce what it claims is its trademark on the phrase.

However, if the tech giant thought that GetJar was going to roll over in the face of Apple’s multi-million-dollar legal fighting fund, a testy blog post reveals they’re much mistaken.

Accusing Apple of “taking the p*ss”, GetJar asserts that it won’t be “subject to this kind of bullying” and that it certainly has no plans to “cease and desist’.

The blog stated: "If Apple isn't suing Amazon, it's suing start-ups. Now Microsoft, who is struggling to gain traction with Windows Mobile, is charging OEM's for using Android using our country's broken patent system."

"Where are all of these law suits and threats getting us? Is anyone actually worrying about whether app developers and content providers make enough money to keep the lights on?"

GetJar has no doubt been emboldened by developments in the Amazon case. In an embarrassing reverse for Cupertino a Californian judge ruled that the retailer can continue to use the term until the trademark infringement case comes to court later this year.

Apple had been seeking to stop Amazon using the term in the interim.

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