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iPhone 3GS price crash on T-Mobile

iPhone 3GS price crash on T-Mobile

T-Mobile has cut the cost of owning an iPhone, with a new, limited-period smartphone promotion.

Under the terms of the offer, customers who sign up for a two-year contract for the iPhone 3GS 8GB edition before July 31st will pay £25.54 per month – compared with the standard charge of £30 per month.

The carrier is also waiving the one-off, upfront charge of £189.99 that ordinarily applies.

The contract entitles takers to 100 call minutes and 100 text messages per month, as well as unlimited mobile data.

iphone 3gs large

Along with 8GB of memory for storing apps, movies and music, the iPhone 3GS 8GB features a two megapixel camera with video recording and editing and a 3.5-inch touchscreen with support for multi-touch gestures.

It’s also home to A-GPS with Google Maps to turn the device into a de facto satellite navigation device, the full gamut of connectivity options (think: Wi-Fi, 3GS, GPRS, Edge and HSDPA) and a TV-out socket.

As with all iPhones, you’ll also get to choose from tens of thousands of apps on offer at the Apple App Store, taking in diversions and games as well as practical business tools.

Find the offer here

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