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Samsung Galaxy R ruled out for UK release?

Samsung Galaxy R ruled out for UK release?

Reports that the just-unveiled Samsung Galaxy R Android phone is definitely heading to the UK are wide of the mark, the phone-maker has revealed.

The latest addition to the burgeoning Galaxy range, which is being touted as a kind of halfway house between the S2 and the original Galaxy S, surfaced for the first time on the web this week. According to a welter of reports yesterday, the phone is landing on these shores before the month is out.

Not so, says Samsung. In a somewhat tricksily worded statement to TechRadar that doesn’t completely rule a Brit release, but did state that “to date, the Samsung Galaxy R has not been confirmed for the UK”.

samsung galaxy r

How many people that’ll leave disappointed is a moot point. With Android 2.3 on board, plus dual core processing brawn, the phone was largely indistinguishable from the Galaxy S – albeit with a slightly less impressive snapper.

Moreover, with those kind of specs on board, it’s unlikely to be much – if any – cheaper than the S 2, too, meaning it seemed a somewhat strange release from the get-go with no obvious market for it.

If you're on a budget, you'd probably go for one of the many Galaxy-branded cheapies out there. And if you really wanted the S2, you’d probably be happy to shell out top dollar for it. After all, three million people have already...



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