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  5. Amazon suspends Android apps submissions

Amazon suspends Android apps submissions

Amazon suspends Android apps submissions

Amazon has halted further submissions of apps to its Android Appstore, following legal action from Apple over an alleged trademark violation.

The online emporium, which is involved in an ongoing row with Apple over the use of the term ‘appstore’, has been hit with a new lawsuit from the Cupertino giant in Germany.

In an email sent out to developers, Amazon said: “For the time being, we are not accepting new app submissions from developers located in Germany."

Apple claims Amazon has infringed on its “App Store” trademark, which Amazon, along with Microsoft, argues is a generic term and should be allowed to use by anyone.

Although a US judge ruled in Amazon’s favour recently, a court in Germany has agreed to hear Apple out, forcing Amazon to, at least temporarily, put new submissions in the country on hold.

Amazon warned, however, that similar actions might be taken elsewhere in Europe.

“It could be possible that we will see similar things happening in other European countries, and Amazon may be forced to stop taking application submissions in those countries as well until the various court cases reach their conclusion.”

Amazon believes that Apple’s claim is without merit and will seek out new avenues to contest the decision in Germany.



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