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Android Ice Cream Sandwich snaps leaked

Android Ice Cream Sandwich snaps leaked

Images of the next major Android operating system iteration have leaked online, giving smartfans their first proper look at the future of the platform.

Unearthed by the boys in blue over at Android Police and the similarly ace RootzWiki, the images of Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream) running on a Google Nexus S reveal a revamped notifications bar with a modish all-over blue hue, plus an all-new app launcher.

android ice cream 2

According to the sites in question, the platform bump also brings with it a redesigned take on the Gmail app, although there’s no indication if that means there'll be any new features coming on board.

And in news that won’t surprise anyone, it’s claimed that Google Nexus Prime – the currently unconfirmed third Google-branded phone - will be the first smartphone to run Ice Cream Sandwich.

That’s an approach in keeping with how the search giant has used its own-branded phones to introduce new platform iterations and show third-party Android phone-makers exactly what’s expected of them.

android ice cream 3

Finally, we’re also assured that the Nexus S is getting Ice Cream Sandwich as an easy to grab over-the-air update soon after its made available, once again validating those of you who opted for a vanilla Android phone rather than one with more-trouble-than-they’re-worth, delay-causing custom skins.



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