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HTC Omega Windows Mango phone snaps leak

HTC Omega Windows Mango phone snaps leak

The first-ever images of the HTC Omega have surfaced online, ahead of the handset’s expected debut at the phone maker’s high-profile product showcase next week.

Unearthed by the good, good people at PocketNow, snaps of the phone, which is HTC's first effort powered by the updated Mango version of Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, reveal a smart-looking kit with a Sensation-style curved rear. Also notable are three front-facing physical buttons – seemingly kyboshing rumours that Mango phones could do away with these a la Nokia N9.

htc omega

Specs for the Omega, which apparently might get a last-minute name change to ‘Radar’, have been in the public domain for a while now. However, in case you’ve missed them, highlights include a 3.8-inch screen, an eight megapixel snapper and a 1.4Ghz processor courtesy of Qualcomm to keep things ticking over buttery smooth.

The handset is likely to be among a slew of new devices to be launched at HTC’s press call on September 1st at the IFA consumer tech expo in Berlin. Also due to land on the day is the HTC Puccini Android Honeycomb tablet and a second Mango phone dubbed the Eternity.


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