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  5. Leaked casing fuels cheap iPhone rumours

Leaked casing fuels cheap iPhone rumours

Leaked casing fuels cheap iPhone rumours

Speculation that Apple is prepping a more affordable version of the iPhone got a fresh veneer of credence today, after what are purported to be casings for said device leaked online.

Close scrutiny of the images, which were sourced by iPatchiPods and Mac Rumours, reveal the cases differ only very slightly from the current-gen iPhone 4 – apparently chiming with rumours that Apple will relaunch the current-gen smartphone as a lower cost model with less on board storage.

iphone 4 casing

The only telling disparity between the existing casing and what is claimed to be the new version is the addition of breaks for the handset’s antenna – presumably in a bid to avoid a repeat of last year’s dropped-calls fiasco.

The emergence of the photos follows speculation that Apple will launch an 8GB version of the iPhone 4, informally dubbed the iPhone 4S, at a price point as low as £200.

Talk that Apple is working on an entry-level iPhone, which could even be sold as a pay as you go phone, has been rife for years. However, the chatter has gained momentum over the last 12 months, amid the seemingly inexorable rise of Android – a phenomenon fuelled by cheap smartphones running Google’s OS.


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