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  5. Nokia exec blasts iPhone & Android's 'over-reliance on apps'

Nokia exec blasts iPhone & Android's 'over-reliance on apps'

Nokia exec blasts iPhone & Android's 'over-reliance on apps'

Nokia will overcome the twin-headed challenge of Android and Apple with smartphones that offer better user experiences and cheaper price points, one of Nokia’s top-ranking US execs has claimed.

In an interview with business news site Venture Beat, Chris Weber, President of Nokia and head of North America, said that the user interface its rivals use and the central emphasis it places on apps is “outdated already”.

His criticism hinges on the claim that this type of UI requires more touches from users to activate apps and their functions than what he asserts is the more modern Windows Phone Mango platform that the company got on board with in a landmark deal earlier this year.

And it’s precisely rivals’ adherence to their established approach, teamed with Nokia’s adoption of a more seamless and efficient interface of Windows Phone 7 with its live tiles and hubs that will help the Finns see off its competitors, Weber claims.

The exec also named Nokia’s ability to undercut rivals thanks to its global reach and economies of scale as a key factor that could reignite the battle with Android and Apple, as well as the reliability and long battery life that even the most staunch Nokia sceptic among us would admit are undoubted strengths of the company’s phones.


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