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Nokia N9 landing September 15th?

Nokia N9 landing September 15th?

The Nokia N9 looks set for a European release on September 15th, a Spanish network’s product listing suggests, giving smartfans their chance to get on board with the first-ever front-facing button-free handset.

Last week, it had looked like Nokia’s debut MeeGo-powered smartphone could be with us mid-August, after it appeared on Eastern European sites’ ‘coming soon’ pages with a due date of this month.

However, Orange’s Swiss division has named September on its official site. That would put the phone in direct competition with the iPhone 5, widely expected to drop at this time, plus a slew of Windows Phone Mango handsets.

nokia n9 triptych

Whether the phone will hit the UK at the same time as it does elsewhere isn’t yet confirmed. But after delays severely hampered the N8’s sales, we’re betting on a synchronised Europe-wide release.

Unveiled earlier this year, the N9 stands out as the first phone to do away with physical buttons at the front in favour of an all-touchscreen user interface, with the home button replace by a swipe gesture.

It’s also home to a very Nokia eight-megapixel Carl Zeiss rear-facing snapper, a secondary VGA camera for video calling and a 3.9-inch OLED touchscreen.



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