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  5. Samsung Galaxy S, S2 and Ace banned in Netherlands

Samsung Galaxy S, S2 and Ace banned in Netherlands

Samsung Galaxy S, S2 and Ace banned in Netherlands

A judge in the Netherlands has ruled against Samsung, placing an immediate ban on the marketing and sale of the Galaxy S, S2 and Ace smartphones for alleged violation of Apple’s patents.

Apple sued Samsung earlier this year for ‘slavishly’ copying the design and technology of the iPhone and iPad in the Galaxy range of devices. A court in Germany upheld Cupertino’s complaint, resulting in an injunction on the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 across Europe, except in the Netherlands.

Although the verdict has been temporarily lifted, it failed to sway the Dutch judge, who found that Samsung guilty on at least three counts.

These include similarities to the iPhone in the way that Galaxy S, S2 and Ace handle scrolling and browsing of the app launcher, the way the handsets register multiple screen taps and the method of unlocking screens which involve dragging an ‘unlock image’ sideways.

Apple also argues that Samsung ripped off the design of the iPhone, and even the way the icons appear on the app launcher. We can’t help but agree that the similarities, at least between the original Galaxy S and the iPhone 3GS, are too uncanny to ignore.

Samsung has yet to comment on the decision and will no doubt fight back with all the options at its disposal. Fortunately, all three handsets are still on sale in the UK and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.



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