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  5. Cheaper iPhone 4S confirmed by AT&T listing?

Cheaper iPhone 4S confirmed by AT&T listing?

Cheaper iPhone 4S confirmed by AT&T listing?

A mysterious product listing on a US network’s site has raised hopes a cheaper iPhone is on the way to coincide with the fifth-generation Apple handset.

A drop down menu that appeared fleetingly on AT&T’s site listed a handset dubbed the ‘iPhone 4S’ in sparkling white. As any fule know, that’s the name tech watchers have informally given to the much-rumoured lower-cost iPhone (Nee 'iPhone Nano).

iphone 5 concept 2

Talk of a more affordable iPhone has been rife for years and until now has seemed little more than wishful thinking on the part of tech heads priced out by Cupertino's 'premium product at a premium price' approach. However, the irrepressible rise of the rival Android platform which is thanks largely to the huge range of cheap phones running the operating system, has provided fresh impetus for the phone to happen.

Apple is expected to keep costs low by recycling parts from the current-generation iPhone 4, such as the single-core A4 processor, and opt for a smaller form factor with reduced screen real estate.

Both the iPhone 5 and its cheap(er) and cheerful cousin are forecast to drop in mid-October, some six months after Apple was initially expected to bring its next handset offering to market.



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