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  5. Google Nexus Prime landing ‘Nov 3rd’ – specs are real, says analyst

Google Nexus Prime landing ‘Nov 3rd’ – specs are real, says analyst

Google Nexus Prime landing ‘Nov 3rd’ – specs are real, says analyst

Google’s third Nexus branded smartphone, the Nexus Prime, will land on November 3rd, if a Twitter hint on the Dark Knight is anything to go by.

Unearthed by Electronista, a tweet by Tom Fleming of gaming site Panda Nation revealed: “Fore on the date Bruce Wayne’s true father did die; you shall in fact be able to buy [the Nexus Prime] in stores of red and black”

The ‘true father’ he’s referring to is Bob Kane, Batman’s creator, who died on November 3rd. Judging by the red and black hint, we’re assuming it’s Verizon, the US carrier that’s been speculatively named recently as a launch partner, although it will likely be rebranded as the Droid Prime.

Fuelling the Twitter rumours further, industry maven Eldar Murtazin, has claimed that specs reported to be on board the next-gen smartie ‘are real’. These include a 4.65-inch curved Super AMOLED HD display, a five-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, a 1.5GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and a thinner design at just 8.8mm.

What's in a name?

Meanwhile, Samsung has unwittingly confirmed the name of the next Nexus phone as Nexus Prime, in a leaked cease and desist email it sent out to a person who allegedly came into possession of a copy of the handset’s firmware, thus also confirming it is indeed the maker of the phone.

The General Counsel of Samsung Telecommunication America reportedly sent the email, a screenshot of which was obtained by

According to the transcript: “It has come to our attention that you are wrongfully in possession of, and intend to release or otherwise publicly disclose without Samsung’s consent, firmware for the Nexus Prime. By this letter, Samsung orders you to immediate cease, desist, and refrain from any and all such activities.”

The Nexus Prime will be the first handset with the latest Ice Cream Sandwich [ICS] iteration of Android on board. Previously, Google chairman Eric Schimdt revealed that ICS will drop sometime in October or November, so it would appear November is the most likely date for the launch.

Rest assured, you’ll be among the first to know as soon as we do.



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