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Google Nexus Prime ‘landing November 17th-24th’

Google Nexus Prime ‘landing November 17th-24th’

The Samsung/Google Nexus Prime is set to launch in mid-November, reports suggest, as the search giant bides its time to allow the iPhone 5 hysteria to die down.

The mooted due date for the third Google-branded Android smartphone, apparently codenamed the Droid Prime, comes to us courtesy of an email from a insider at US network Verizon sent to the good, good people at Phandroid.

Specs for the handset, which is apparently being manufactured by Galaxy S2-maker Samsung on Google’s behalf, have been floating around in the inter-ether for some time now.

Assuming they’re trustworthy, we’re looking at a monster-sized kit packing a 4.65-inch, none-more-Samsung Super AMOLED HD display and a 1.5GHz processor, which we’re guessing is of the dual core variety.

In keeping with earlier Google Nexus smarties, both of which debuted new versions of Android, the Prime will also be the first phone to market running the rather smart Ice Cream Sandwich iteration of Google’s operating system.

Aimed at uniting the seemingly ever-fragmenting platform, Ice Cream Sandwich brings a host of the features previously reserved for the Honeycomb tablet-optimised version to smartphones for the first time.



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