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  5. iPhone 5 UK release date set as October 21st on O2?

iPhone 5 UK release date set as October 21st on O2?

iPhone 5 UK release date set as October 21st on O2?

Apple’s iPhone 5 will land in the UK on O2 on October 21st, an anonymous tipster has revealed.

An O2 customer service representative has reportedly let slip the eagerly anticipated due date to an enquiring punter, who subsequently tipped off Know Your Mobile.

This is not the first time October 21st has been mentioned as a possible date for when the handset might finally arrive. Last week, a leaked memo issued by retailer Best Buy was sighted, instructing managers to arrive at stores at 6AM on that day for a mysterious ‘Apple Fixture’.

It’s entirely possible that the O2 rep had simply repeated the same rumour to the tipster. Although it’s just as likely this is the date Apple gave to retail and network partners to make preparations for the launch.

Yesterday, Vodafone may have inadvertently blown the whistle on the fifth-gen kit after possible models were listed on the compatible phones section for one of the network's accessories on its website. According to the page, which has since been modified, the iPhone 5 will be available in 16GB and 32GB editions in both black and white.

Details are still thin on the ground as to what we can expect from the handset. However, if rumours are to be trusted, it will sport a larger, four-inch display, a thinner design, an A5 dual core processor and an eight-megapixel camera.

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