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  5. iPhone 5 storage & white edition leaked by Vodafone

iPhone 5 storage & white edition leaked by Vodafone

iPhone 5 storage & white edition leaked by Vodafone

Vodafone UK has apparently inadvertently leaked details of the iPhone 5, ahead of the anticipated arrival of the next-gen Apple smartphone later this month or early in October.

A product page for the Vodafone Sure Signal Femtocell, uncovered by the lovely coves at Apple Insider, lists a series of handsets that can be used with the signal booster.

Among these are four varieties of iPhone 5, including models with 16GB and 32GB of storage. Assuming we can trust the info, that means that the handset’s capacity will be unchanged from the current-generation smartie.

vodafone femtocell

Also mentioned in the list of compatible handsets are black and white colour options, revealing that the lesser-spotted creamy take on Apple's kit will be available from launch – pending potential problems with light leakage, of course.

Analysts had expected Apple to opt for a 64GB model for its top of the range iPhone 5, in keeping with a) Moore’s Law and b) previous iPhone product refreshes, each of which has doubled the maximum storage on offer.

Other specs likely to be on board the iPhone 5 are pure conjecture right now. However, if the online rumour mill is to believed, it’ll pack an improved eight-megapixel camera, larger, four-inch screen and the same A5 dual core processor that featured in the iPad 2.

In the UK, Vodafone is just one of teh UK networks widely rumoured to be able to offer iPhone deals early after the UK launch. For more information, sign up for alerts about iPhone 5 deals.


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