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  5. Nokia Sea Ray delay rumours unfounded, says CEO

Nokia Sea Ray delay rumours unfounded, says CEO

Nokia Sea Ray delay rumours unfounded, says CEO

Reports that Nokia’s debut Windows Mango phone could be delayed until next year are wide of the mark, the handset maker’s CEO has asserted.

One-time Microsoft man Stephen Elop dismissed claims, which it’s notable came from inside Nokia, that the first Nokia-branded Mango kit has been pushed back to 2012 in an interview with a Chinese news daily.

However, he did concede that some territories may not get the smartphone, provisionally dubbed the Sea Ray, until next year due to the handset’s staggered launch.

Pressed on the phone’s prospects in an increasingly crowded market, Elop was predictably bullish and cited Nokia’s services as a key differentiating factor and selling point compared with rivals' Mango-powered kits.

Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone 7

"We believe [The Sea Ray] will be very successful because of the unique capabilities we are bringing from Nokia, the quality of the design, the strength of our organisation, including here in China, so we're very excited about some aggressive sales targets for these products.”

Nokia has yet to officially confirm specs for the phone that is being heralded as make or break by many in the industry. A delay of the kind that dampened sales for the Nokia N8 is likely to be seen by many as a sign that little has changed at Espoo to enable the company to turn around its flagging fortunes.



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