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  5. Phone 5 to 'steamroll' new BlackBerry phones, says analyst

Phone 5 to 'steamroll' new BlackBerry phones, says analyst

Phone 5 to 'steamroll' new BlackBerry phones, says analyst

The latest crop of BlackBerry smartphones stand no chance against the juggernaut that is iPhone 5, an analysis firm claims, piling on pain for gadget-maker Research In Motion (RIM).

Last week, RIM announced profits had atrophied in the second quarter, sliding by 59 per cent year on year. And, the way Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities tells it, things are likely to get worse for the beleaguered handset-maker in the short-term, too.

According to White’s damning assessment, the new Curve, Bold and Torch-branded kits are “too little too late” and will be “steamrolled” by the iPhone 5 in the sales stakes.

iPhone 5 placeholder

RIM has pinned its hopes of resurgence on the all-new BlackBerry 7 operating system, which powers its latest crop of handsets.

However, part of the revamped platform’s allure for consumers has been diluted by the company’s simultaneous promotion of the QNX OS, which is slated to power its next-generation smartphones but is unlikely to arrive to market before next year.

Conversely, iPhone 5, which is expected to drop in mid-October with the latest iOS 5 software, is being tipped to break sales records across the board.

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