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  5. BlackBerry Curve Touch & Bellagio outed & spec’d

BlackBerry Curve Touch & Bellagio outed & spec’d

BlackBerry Curve Touch & Bellagio outed & spec’d

Details of two BlackBerry smartphones have cropped up on an official developers' site, as Research In Motion (RIM) bids to put the recent services meltdown firmly behind it.

Last week’s problems with BlackBerry Messenger and the company’s highly rated and highly encrypted email service prompted an online storm from users as well as endless ire-filled op-eds in the tech press.

Today, as if by magic, BlackBerry-related column inches are being dominated by the Bellagio 9790 and Curve Touch 9380, after details of the devices appeared on an open-to-all website for devs.

curve touch bellagio

If we were more cynical we might surmise that the appearance of the phones on is a deliberate move to sway the news agenda on to more positive matters.

But we’re not like that. So, for now anyway, we’ll just content ourselves with telling you about the handsets that RIM has ‘inadvertently’ just confirmed are in its release pipeline.

The latest addition to the Curve family will apparently pack a 3.2-inch touchscreen, while the outrageously pretentiously monikered Bellagio will pack a 2.4-inch display, no doubt so there’s room for a none-more-RIM physical QWERTY keyboard.

Previously codenamed the Orlando, rumours suggest the Curve 9380 will also feature the BlackBerry 7 operating system (no QNX just yet), a five-megapixel camera and microSD card support.


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