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iPhone 4S 68 per cent faster than iPhone 4

iPhone 4S 68 per cent faster than iPhone 4

The iPhone 4S is over two thirds faster than its predecessor, tests reveal, thanks to the brawny dual core processor it’s rocking under the hood.

In trials conducted by GeekBench, Apple’s current-gen smartie posted a benchmark score of 622. That compares to a score of 370 for the iPhone 4 and, by our calculations, makes the 4S some 68 per cent faster.

The numbers testify to the veracity of at least some of the claims being made for the iPhone 4S and the extra heft that the on board dual core A5 processor, which also powers the iPad 2, provides.

That said, if we were being churlish, we’d point out that 68 per cent faster isn’t ‘twice as fast’ as the iPhone 4, as Apple had led us to believe amid all the ballyhoo at the phone’s launch last week.

iphone 4s triplicate

The test results come amid the revelation that the muted response to the iPhone 4S from tech watchers isn’t shared by consumers, with the news that pre-orders for the handset have already hit one million.

Demand for the phone, which is on course to set industry records for first-day sales, is thought to have been boosted partly by the delay to its launch, which means millions more would-be buyers are ready to upgrade.

Apple talisman Steve Jobs’s death is also likely to be contributing to the sales surge, as iFans rush to buy the iPhone 4S in tribute to the great man’s life and work.


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