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  5. iPhone 4S: Samsung takes potshots at Apple’s new challenger

iPhone 4S: Samsung takes potshots at Apple’s new challenger

iPhone 4S: Samsung takes potshots at Apple’s new challenger

Samsung has rubbished the iPhone 4S’s credentials as a super-fast phone for browsing, as the two tech giants’ rocky relationship continues to worsen.

In a sign that the South Korean phone-maker has not been cowed by the hype surrounding Apple’s just unveiled smartphone, it has sent out a testy email to press types claiming its current-gen, five-months-old device still trumps the phone in a number of departments.

The first salvo is at the speed the iPhone 4S, which is being sold chiefly on how much faster it is than its predecessor, can render web pages.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy S2’s HSPA+ network speeds are significantly in excess of the iPhone 4S. So much so, it's claimed, that the S2 is “at least 50 per cent faster with [US networks] with AT&T 21 MBPS and three times faster with T-Mobile’s 42 MBPS than the iPhone 4S’s 14 MBPS HSPA network”.

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Sammy’s missive also makes much of the S2’s larger SuperAMOLED Plus display, no doubt in a bid to target would-be iPhone 4S buyers who were looking forward to the much-rumoured four-inch screen being on board the fifth-gen Apple kit.

And in a final broadside, we’re reminded that Apple’s decision to stick with the same design as the iPhone 4, at a time when many were crying out for a radical new look, means that the S2 remains the thinnest smartphone on the market.

News of Samsung’s bid to cut iPhone 4S sales off at source comes after it emerged that the South Korean phone-maker is seeking a sales ban on the handset in select territories, alleging that it infringes on Samsung-held patents.


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