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  5. iPhone 4S to smash sales records, as orders flood in

iPhone 4S to smash sales records, as orders flood in

iPhone 4S to smash sales records, as orders flood in

The iPhone 4S is already on course to break sales records, tell-tale signifiers suggest, despite a muted response to Apple’s latest smartphone in the tech press.

Unveiled last week, the iPhone 4S has, in some quarters at least, been tagged an underwhelming iterative update to the current-generation Apple handset.

That’s partly down to febrile, but ultimately unfounded rumours doing the rounds that the phone would showcase an extensive redesign and sport a much larger four-inch screen.

Still, that sense of disappointment doesn’t appear to be shared by the public, if pre-order numbers being processed by networks and Apple’s own direct sales are anything to go by.

US carrier AT&T received 200,000 orders in the first 12 hours alone, Reuters reports. And the smart money is a repeat of those kind of figures from the likes of Sprint and Verizon, although neither had broken cover at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, Apple has announced that orders it receives now will not land on day-one (October 14th), but will instead ship within one to two weeks, suggesting it has also been inundated with demand.

The total orders from all those channels would easily put the iPhone 4S on course to trump the 600,000 units of the iPhone 4 ordered within 24 hours of the iPhone 4 pre-sale starting.

Sales are thought to have been boosted by massive coverage afforded the recent death of Apple's former CEO and main creative driver Steve Jobs in the mainstream media, as well as iFans keen to pay tribute by buying the latest product from the Apple production line.

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