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  5. iPhone 4S unveiled, packs advanced voice commands & 8MP camera

iPhone 4S unveiled, packs advanced voice commands & 8MP camera

iPhone 4S unveiled, packs advanced voice commands & 8MP camera

Some five months after it was originally expected, Apple has finally lifted the lid on the next-generation smartphone - a handset it claims is the “most amazing iPhone yet”.

Dubbed the iPhone 4S, contradicting expectations that Apple would opt for ‘iPhone 5’, the phone retains the design of the iPhone 4, but features substantially more processing power with the addition of the same dual core A5 processor as the iPad 2, bringing it in line with rivals’ flagship Android phones.

Also on board is HSPA+ network support to enable theoretical download speeds of up to 14.4Mb. Some had expected Apple to introduce handset compatible with next-generation 4G networks in selected territories.

According to Phil Schiller, the combination of HSPA+ and the new chipset makes iPhone 4S twice as fast as before, with graphics that are up to seven times faster than the iPhone 4.

iphone 4s

As the online rumour mill has suggested for months, the handset packs an eight-megapixel camera - up from five megapixels -, as well as substantially longer battery life and is available in storage options of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. However, while tech-watchers had widely anticipated a larger four-inch screen, the 4S screen is unchanged from its predecessor's 3.5-inch super high density retina display.

The new feature touted as a game-changer, however, is the Siri voice commands application, as part of the iOS 5 operating system. This enables users to carry out spoken instructions in English, French or German and ask questions aloud to discern what it is being asked to do.

Demonstrated at the event, the app allows users to conduct web searches by voice alone, as well as book appointments and schedule reminders, check the weather and more.

The phone goes on sale on October 14th in the UK. For the skinny on pricing, head here and to sign up for iPhone 4S deals, you can click here.

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