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  5. iPhone 4S Vodafone pre-orders hit by delays

iPhone 4S Vodafone pre-orders hit by delays

iPhone 4S Vodafone pre-orders hit by delays

iPhone 4S handsets pre-ordered through Vodafone failed to arrive on time, reports suggest, leaving would-be early adopters kicking their heels.

According to the Register, which has been contacted by irate readers, many iPhone pre-order customers are still waiting on their new handset even now.

Perplexingly, it seems that many whose orders were processed early on during the network’s pre-sale scheme are receiving their kits after those who got their order in as late as the 13th – the day before it hit shop shelves in the UK.

And more galling still is that while the wait goes on for many, Vodafone retail outlets are apparently plentifully stocked with handsets, suggesting that something has gone wrong somewhere along the line.

Vodafone shop

Reg reader Johny said: “Phoning up you get told that there is no stock yet their website clearly states that the device is in stock.

“No one can answer you correctly and emails have gone unanswered for five days.”

Vodafone has purportedly told the site that the delay is being caused by credit checks on customers before phones are despatched, with lag times between getting some buyers’ details resulting in others jumping the queue.

If you’ve been affected by the Vodafone pre-order problems, let us know in the comments section below.


The Register

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