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  5. iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S snaps leak online

iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S snaps leak online

iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S snaps leak online

Images of what is purported to be Apple’s fifth-generation smartphone have surfaced online, ahead of the company's official launch event tomorrow.

Snaps of a phone, which were sourced by Gizmodo’s Brazilian outpost and depict a kit codenamed ‘N90A’, apparently come straight from a South American factory owned by Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn.

It’s hard to tell too much about the handset from the photos. Although, to the naked eye, it's fair to say that it looks little-changed from the iPhone 4 - from the back view, at least.

gizmodo iphone 4s

But it’s perhaps the ‘N90A’ tag that’s most intriguing. Not least because the iPhone 4 was codenamed ‘N90’ when it was still in production. The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it name change to 'N90A' suggests to us that the next iPhone could indeed turn out to be the iterative, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it update that rumours suggest.

That’d be disappointing. But don’t despair just yet. It’s equally possible that the N90A is the much-mooted cheaper Apple handset of online rumour-fame, which it’s claimed is launching alongside a more substantial update in the form of the full-fat iPhone 5.

Either way, all is set to become clear tomorrow at 6pm UK time when the gadget-maker finally lets the world in on whatever it’s got in store for us at a press call at its Cupertino campus. Can't wait? Sign up to email alerts for iPhone 5 deals in the meantime.



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