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iPhone: Avatars coming to Game Center?

iPhone: Avatars coming to Game Center?

Cutesy avatars could be coming soon to Apple’s Game Centre service, a patent filing suggests, as Apple looks to sweeten the appeal of its platform.

Documents uncovered by Apple Insider reveal the Cupertino giant is toying with adding virtual characters to its social networking-cum-gaming service with a look and feel that closely recalls Nintendo’s cartoony ‘Mii’ representations.

According to the site, avatars will show up within iOS games and will be displayed alongside users profiles, with the now-standard array of woolly hats, beards and Guess Who?-style facial acoutrements will be on offer in Game Centre’s dressing-up box.

iphone avatars

The move is aimed at enticing iPhone gamers to get more involved with Game Centre and matching the feature set on offer from rival Microsoft’s Xbox Live service on its Windows Phone handsets.

News of Apple’s plans come as it acknowledged the importance of maintaining iPhones’ credentials as a gaming device by heavily touting the fact that the A5 processor in the iPhone 4S can delivers seven-times faster graphics than its predecessor, the iPhone 4.

The press event for iPhone 4S also heavily featured the undeniably impressive RPG-actioner Infinity Blade 2, marking the second time a game has been in the limelight at a new iPhone launch.


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