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  5. Samsung Galaxy Nexus could face Apple sales ban, admits exec

Samsung Galaxy Nexus could face Apple sales ban, admits exec

Samsung Galaxy Nexus could face Apple sales ban, admits exec

Samsung’s ongoing legal spat with Apple could see the just-unveiled Galaxy Nexus smartphone pulled from store shelves, Sammy’s mobile president has admitted.

In a Q&A session with South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, Shin Jong-kyun of Samsung said the phone’s design specifically avoids patents held by Apple, which have allowed the Californian company to successfully seek sales bans for the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab slates in some territories.

samsung galaxy nexus

However, Sammy's main mobile mover and shaker wasn’t quite so bullish later on in the interview, admitting that despite the firm's best efforts the Galaxy Nexus may not be “100 per cent free” from future patent lawsuits emanating from Cupertino.

Jong-kyun’s remarks raise the prospect of what’s undoubtedly the year’s most anticipated Android phone being withdrawn from sale, just as the arrival of the new Ice Cream Sandwich OS iteration promises to reinvigorate its challenge to Apple in the smartphone market.

The courtroom tussle between Samsung and Apple is also believed to have delayed the release of the as yet unconfirmed Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung is rumoured to be rethinking the phone’s user interface in bid to circumvent more legal travails.


Addressing delegates at this week's All Things D Asia tech expo, Samsung's Executive Vice President Won-Pyo Hong reportedly refuted rumours that the Galaxy Nexus was designed specifically to avoid an Apple lawsuit, claiming he had "no idea" of their provenance.

However, he did concede that the company is working on a revamped version of its TouchWiz Android custom skin that will mitigate against further contretemps with Apple.



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