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Three to offer Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Three to offer Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Three has become the third UK carrier to announce it will be offering the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, as networks clamour to get on board with what’s shaping up to be the landmark Android smartphone release of 2011.

samsung galaxy nexus

The carrier, which confirmed its plans to range the handset on its official blog, joins O2 and Vodafone in offering the phone all of whom are expected to sell it from day-one.

When ‘day one’ might be isn’t yet abundantly clear. However, tech sages are predicting it’ll land on store shelves within four weeks, meaning it’ll be here by mid-November at the latest.

Pricing is similarly up in the air right now. But a glance at the phone’s spec sheet - head here for a close look - suggests that it’ll most likely be free on two-year contracts starting from £35 per month.

android ice cream

Manufactured by Samsung on Google’s behalf, the Galaxy Nexus is the first-ever phone to run the latest, creamiest Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, which teams features from the tablet optimised version of the platform with the best functions from the current Gingerbread version for smartphones.


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