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iPhone 4 to get Siri after all?

iPhone 4 to get Siri after all?

iPhone 4 owners could yet get a taste of the attention-grabbing Siri app, rumours suggest, refuting claims that the voice control feature would be reserved for the latest 4S version of Apple’s smartphone.

According a source close to Apple cited by Jailbreak Nation, the Cupertino-based company is currently trialling Siri with a view to bringing it to the iPhone 4, as well as other unnamed Apple devices.

iOS 5 Siri

If the tech deep throat is to believed, Apple rank and file have been putting a special Siri-enabled software build through its paces on older-generation iKit in recent weeks. And assuming all goes well, it seems we could get the app on the iPhone 4 et al via a future iOS update.

It had been thought that the tech giant would be keen to keep Siri exclusive to the iPhone 4S in a bid to distinguish the new handset from its cosmetically similar predecessor.

At the very least, Apple might have been expected to keep the 4S’s USP for its current-gen smartie until it’s ready to launch the iPhone 5 - or whatever it ends up being called.

Widely trumpeted at the iPhone 4S launch, Siri allows users to conduct web searches, dictate SMS missives and emails and search for locations on maps just by using their voice.


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