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  5. iPhone 5 reference crops up in iOS 5.1 beta

iPhone 5 reference crops up in iOS 5.1 beta

iPhone 5 reference crops up in iOS 5.1 beta

Evidence that Apple is already working on its next iPhone – namely the hitherto unseen iPhone 5 – may have been inadvertently leaked inside the iOS 5.1 beta.

Codenames for what’s purported to be Apple’s sixth-generation kit has been uncovered in the latest iOS beta that’s been officially seeded out to developers. The mysterious reference to an iPhone 5,1 – which going by Apple’s internal numbering convention for past handsets – is almost certain to be the iPhone 5.

This is because the iPhone 4 is internally known as the iPhone 3,1 and the iPhone 4S as iPhone 4,1. Both of these are mentioned separately in the beta code, which can only mean what we’re looking at is a new device.

iPhone 5,1 reference

The beta also contains a reference to a new device, “J33”, which it’s being surmised is the upcoming update to the Apple TV box.

While it’s not a huge surprise that Apple will eventually release a successor to the iPhone 4S, the fact that it’s present and correct at this early stage of iOS 5's development could mean a prototype must already exist and is being tested.

Details are sketchy as to what we can expect from the iPhone 5. However, if rumours are to be heeded, it will sport a larger four-inch with a greater pixel per inch density, a 10-megapixel camera and a more powerful A6 processor.


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