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Nokia Lumia 800 price cut looming, says analyst

Nokia Lumia 800 price cut looming, says analyst

Nokia will slash the price of its flagship Lumia 800 phone early next year, an influential analyst claims, amid weaker-than-expected consumer demand.

Launched earlier this month, Nokia’s first-ever Windows phone is perceived as a make-or-break device in the company's bid to regain its top-table status among smartphone-makers.

Nokia Lumia 800

However, there are already signs that all isn’t going quite according to plan. Earlier this week, a report surfaced from number-mashing business dons Bernstein Research that rubbished Nokia’s claims it is on course to ship one million units during the first quarter and said the actual figure is likely to be around half that.

Today, the outlook appeared a little worse still, with Eldar Murtazin of Mobile Review claiming via Twitter that consumer take-up is so underwhelming that Nokia is to cut 15 per cent off the Lumia 800’s asking price. Available for free from £26 per month, the Lumia 800 is already notably cheap for a flagship kit.

Murtazin, who has real form with breaking Nokia news, tweeted: “Nokia 800 price cut in second half of Jan2012 or Feb - minus 15%. decision take yesterday [sic]. Thats "success"[double sic].”

nokia lumia 800 slanted

The Mobile Review editor’s Nokia-related track record includes being the first person to cover last year's hush-hush talks between the Finnish phone-maker and Microsoft – negotiations which paved the way for the Windows Phone-powered Lumia 800.

Evidence of the handset’s slow sales will be more grist to the mill for tech watchers who posited that Nokia would have been better off throwing its lot in with Google’s planet-conquering Android platform. In the light of figures showing that it's now the UK's number-one smartphone OS, it's getting increasingly harder to demur.



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