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  5. iPad 3 part hints at radical new design

iPad 3 part hints at radical new design

iPad 3 part hints at radical new design

Apple could radically overhaul the design of the iPad for its next-generation slate, a leaked component suggests.

A microphone part purported to be included in the iPad 3 reveals that the layout of the internal circuitry will be much altered from the current-generation slate, with changes including the microphone mic flex cable turning 90 degrees.

ipad 2 large

The shift in positioning suggests that the tablet’s exterior will showcase a similarly new approach, according to Cydia Blog which picked up on the original leak from TVC Mall.

The leak comes amid separate speculation that Apple is preparing to slim down the iPad for the next generation in a bid to see off the challenge from the part-e-reader-part-tablet phenom that is the Amazon Kindle Fire and a slew of larger Android phones.

According to supply chain sources cited by DigiTimes, the iPad 3 will be available in a 7.85-inch variant which will drop in Q4 next year - some six months or so after the standard-sized edition hits the market.

Other mooted inclusions for Apple’s third tablet include 4G support and the same retina display tech that debuted on the iPhone 4.


Cydia Blog

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