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iPad 3 with 7" screen incoming Q4 next year?

iPad 3 with 7" screen incoming Q4 next year?

Speculation that Apple will unveil a smaller iPad next year got a fresh layer of credence today, as fresh rumours surfaced over the company’s plans to maintain its dominance in the still-nascent tablet market.

According to unnamed supply chain sources cited by DigiTimes, Apple will release the iPad 3 in the first quarter of 2012.

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A matter of months later, most likely in Q4, this will be followed by the arrival of a 7.85-inch display-toting version of its next-generation tablet with displays manufactured by LG and AU Optronics.

The move is reportedly aimed at heading off the challenge from the similarly compact, Android-powered Amazon Kindle Fire in the Christmas market.

Apple’s strategy is also a bid to cut into the growing market for Android handsets with ever-expanding display real estate, CF: the Samsung Glalaxy Note and HTC Sensation XL.

The latest rumours over the iPad 3 follow separate speculation that the tablet will feature the super high-density retina display that first cropped up on the iPhone 4 and will offer 4G support in select territories for fast browsing.



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