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Samsung Galaxy Nexus now on Vodafone

Samsung Galaxy Nexus now on Vodafone

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is now officially available on Vodafone, as the carrier makes a fashionably late arrival to the party for Google’s latest flagship smartphone.

Punters who haven't picked up the Galaxy Nexus already can snap it free for £41 a month on a two-year contract. This gets you 1200 minutes, unlimited messages and 750MB of data. You can also get the same allowances on an 18-month term for £46 a month.

If you’re of mind to spend slightly less, you can pay £36 a month for 900 minutes and all the rest aforementioned. Mind you, this comes with an upfront cost of £99 for the handset.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus flat

All contract options benefit from Vodafone’s Data Test Drive offer, which entitles you to unlimited data for the first three months. Additionally, you’ll also get 2GB of data at BT Openzone hotspots.

Released earlier this month, the Galaxy Nexus has been available on networks O2 and Three directly, as well as via high-street vendor Phones 4U. However, despite announcing it would be on board for the launch, the big V decided to wait out the initial rush.

The decision may have been a rather smart one, as widespread issues were reported with the phone’s volume rocker, which made it nigh-on impossible to make or receive calls and affected other device functions too.

Google has just released a software update to take care of the problem and we’ve been told by our retail partners that existing stock in warehouses were being flashed with the fix, so if you buy one now, you should receive it bug-free.

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