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Apple Store to open at Harrods

Apple Store to open at Harrods

An Apple Store is reportedly coming to Harrords, one of the world's largest department stores, sources inside the company have revealed.

It might seem like an odd move at first but in many ways this could be a match made in heaven, given the luxury appeal of Apple’s wide range of products and Harrods’ status as one of the capital’s key tourist attractions - especially for those visitors with serious disposable income.

The tipsters claim that Harrods, which already houses over 330 departments across five acres of floorspace, will soon make room for an official Apple Store unit, making it another high-profile location where the Cupertino-based giant has made its retail presence.

The store will go hand-in-hand with the renowned décor and architecture of Harrods. It will be smaller than Apple’s flagship stores, but larger than those present within retail chains Best Buy and Target in the US.

An exact timeframe hasn’t been provided for the grand opening but it is expected to happen later this year, possibly in time for the launch of the next generation iPhone.



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