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Samsung Galaxy S3 snapped at CES?

Samsung Galaxy S3 snapped at CES?

Smartphone fans may have caught their first-ever glimpse of the soon-to-land Samsung Galaxy S3, after keen-eyed tech-heads clocked a mystery smartphone in a promotional video.

Check out the clip for yourself below

Filmed at Sammy’s stall at last week’s CES gadget-fest, the clip touts the companies’ phones’ snapping smarts. So far, so what, right?

However, in so doing, the vid gives us a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it look at a handset that bears all the design hallmarks of the S2. But which apparently replaces Sammy’s current flagship phone’s 4.3-inch screen with a larger, more modish edge-to-edge display of the sort we’d anticipate is a racing certainty to get a look in on the S3.

samsung galaxy s3

The intrigue surrounding the unidentified, much-anticipated handset comes amid separate reports that the S3 could offer much improved battery life over its predecessor.

Rumours circulating in the tech world suggest the sequel to the ten million-selling S2 could also be home to a quad-core processor and glasses-free 3D media playback.

More fancifully, some febrile speculators have forecast it could pack a flexible screen and even a special coating to make the phone’s innards waterproof.

Either way, we’ll almost certainly find out for sure next month, when the phone makes its expected debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barca.


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