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  5. iPad 3 rumours: retina display corroborated in video?

iPad 3 rumours: retina display corroborated in video?

iPad 3 rumours: retina display corroborated in video?

Reports that the iPad 3 will feature a super high-density retina display got fresh legs today, after a typically thorough video investigation from iFixit was posted online.

Earlier this week, MacRumours got hold of and examined with a microscope what was purported to be the screen that will feature in Apple’s third-generation tablet.

ipad 3 display

And in a boon for those of us who’ve been holding out for a better screen since the last iPad, they discovered that its resolution is 2084x1536.

That’s twice the linear resolution of the iPad 1 and iPad 2, which is 1024x768, and by most people's estimations more than qualifies the screen for the ‘super-high density’ tag.

Today, the good people at iFixit, whose rep rests on its exhaustive device teardowns, put the same display to the test. Albeit one that was a little more rigorous, thanks to a USB microscope they just happened to have lying around the place.

The good news? The iFixit coves have confirmed MacRumours’ assertion that the pixel density of the screen is exactly twice as crisp as earlier iPad iterations.

This equates to around 260 ppi on the 9.7-inch pane and on paper doesn't meet the criteria of 300 ppi for above that Apple uses as a qualifier for the 'retina display' title.

However, the fact that tablets are usually held further away from people's faces than smartphones means the impression of density will be definitely be approximate to the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

The iPad 3 is expected to be unveiled next month, with a spec sheet that’s also believed to include a quad-core processor, more memory and a beefier battery.


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